Honeybee Removal

I remove honeybee colonies – please contact me before exterminating.

When time allows, I collect honeybee colonies from walls, eves, well-covers, outbuildings and more in the Comanche, TX area. I don’t kill honeybees. If you have honeybees on your property that needs removing, please use this form to contact me. Honeybees in structural cavities are far better removed rather than exterminated – killing them may result in detrimental decay of the cavity as well as leaking honey and an increase in pests.

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Michael Vanecek

I've been keeping bees with no treatments whatsoever for several years. I've followed a basic philosophy of if the bees don't bring it into the hive then it doesn't get put into the hive with good success. After a life-time of naturalism, this was simply the logical course to take with honeybee husbrandry and proof is out there buzzing and making honey right now.

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